Quantum leap into a new energy and morphic field, leveling up.

Quantum Energy Session

with Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom

In this Quantum Energy Session Jocelyn will utilize Millennium Method™, Yuen Method, NLP, and Neurological Repatterining to help you to create the breakthrough that you are searching for.

Focusing on Millennium Method™, she will give you an intuitive reading that gives you the answers you are looking for and then it takes it a step further by then helping you to shift your future to create the life you dream of. It is a pioneering new innovative technique for Consciousness Awareness Shifting, utilizing quantum physics and energetic medicine to improve your health, your mind, and your soul. 


Helps you to find answers when you are overwhelmed feeling lost, stuck or going through a transition
Anxiety, Illnesses, Depression, Allergies, Insomnia, Toxins, Chronic Pains, etc
Relieving stress & worry to find peace & contentment
Boosting your career & creating new opportunities
Improving relationships & attracting new relationships 
Removing stuckness and enhancing spiritual growth
Helping your children through life's growing pains
Assisting your pets’ health & happiness
Attracting money & success
Work on any situation to achieve the best possible outcome
...and many more.

 We work together to help clear these energetic blocks so that you can reach your infinite potential and truly enjoy life.

To book a session call 808-384-2934 to reserve your spot now.

She is a certified:
Millennium Method™Practitioner and Teacher
Yuen Method™ Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner
Certified NLP Advanced Practitioner and Teacher
Certified Neurlogical Re-patterning Practitioner and Teacher
Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner and Teacher
Performance Coach

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Business Consulting

with Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom

Work with Jocelyn to unlock your business's full potential with our comprehensive 6-week consulting program. Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your established business, this program will help you reach your goals and take your business to the next level!

Each week, Jocelyn will work with you on marketing and business strategies as well as Quantum Energy Session breakthroughs during a focused, one-on-one 1 hour Zoom call. With her expert guidance and support, you'll stay on track, experience transformational progress, and achieve your goals.

In addition, you will have exclusive access to Jocelyn through WhatsApp text and voice messages throughout the program, ensuring you have the support and guidance you need to succeed. Jocelyn's expertise will help you identify areas for improvement, create a tailored plan, breakthrough limiting beliefs and build a successful, thriving business.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your business! Call 808-384-2934 to reserve your spot now.

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90 Min Quantum
Healing Session

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60 Min Quantum
Healing Session 

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Package of 5
60 Min Sessions

Package of 5
90 Min Sessions

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6 Week
Business Consulting

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Package of 5 - 60 Min Sessions        USD$999.00   

Package of 5 - 90 Min Sessions        USD$1,444.00

6 Week Business Consulting            USD$2,222.00

60 Min Quantum Healing Session    USD$222.00

90 Min Quantum Healing Session    USD$333.00